Charity Donation and Clear Acrylic Ballot Box w/ Lock, 8.5 x 11 Header & Locking Door,Wood mahogany Base For Floorstanding

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Floor Standing Acrylic Charity Donation And Ballot Box with Lock & Sign Holder

Product Dimensions: 18" x 37.3" x 17.5"

This acrylic donation lock box has a sizeable capacity which makes it great for charities looking for large amounts of contributions. Made of .25” thick clear plastic, the bin is durable and has a letter-size sign holder, as well as adjustable metal foot levelers underneath the base to maintain sturdiness. The donation lock box with two built-in security features will keep the contents of the bin safe. A metal T-bar, built into the mahogany colored MDF base will allow you to fasten the bin to a steadfast fixture. A set of two keys allows for only trusted associates to access the hinged door of the lock box and the contents within. Use the built-in clear plastic sign holder to proudly display your foundation’s cause or say thank you to your donators.

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