Learning Fundraising Skills At The "Ask Without Fear" Webinar

In knowing all the background and hard work involved in fundraising, My Charity Boxes has always been researching and seeking strategies to educate and inform our clients and any organizations with tips, tools, and skills to enhance their fundraising experience. Since the most powerful asset to fundraising successfully is to have both knowledge and skills, a new strategy we came up with, is to educate the industry via webinars, teaching fundraising fundamentals on how to go about collecting money for a cause.

We partnered with The Fundraising Coach and presented the FREE "Ask Without Fear!" Master Class for mastering fundamental fundraising skills. The class, attended by fundraisers for hundreds of non-profit organizations domestically, was hosted by Fundraising Coach Marc Pitman, with some of the topics discusses at the webinar being:

  • The simple 4-step process
  • An easy way to determine how much to ask donors for
  • Actual phrases that work in making the ask
  • What to do if people don’t say “yes” right away

More ideas discussed included tips for increasing your donor base as well as benefiting from repeating donations.

Click below to watch a replay of this very successful webinar course.