School Project Impact

School Children Can Help Too!

You probably remember when you had fundraisers when you were in elementary school. Today, fundraisers are still very much a part of ways that schools make money for anything from team uniforms, books, sports equipment or new facilities. Some schools also integrate a program where children help raise money for a local charity organization.

Schoolchildren can go door to door with coin collection boxes to collect donations: Make sure they speak to the people who answer the door politely and clearly. Show them the donation box and request their kind donations. Some will throw in spare change, others will donate single dollars, but most likely, nobody will turn away young children empty-handed. Design your donation box. Put a picture and story about your cause. 

Remember to make it really attractive and eye-catching, so it grabs people's attention. Donations in the classroom: Classrooms can also be a source for fundraising. Although the donations may be minimal, they will surely add up to a larger amount at the end of the school year. Children, even as young as kindergarteners can ask their parents for small change and bring in a daily donation.

Make sure your donation container states all the facts about your nonprofit organization & cause so it is trusted. If you're raising money for a personal cause, let people know exactly what it's for and whom you are raising the money for.

Children can also be used to do the volunteer work for your organization. Elementary and High School students, if they are responsible enough can be asked to do the work of distributing the donation boxes to the stores who already gave approval or to empty the charity boxes monthly. Just give them an incentive and they will be very helpful!