Office Metal Suggestion Drop Box with Combination Lock, Wall mounting (Black)

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Office Suggestion Drop Box with Combination Lock, Wall mounting Steel Metal Donation Box Collection Box(Black)

  • VERSATILE DROP BOX: The suggestion box with combination lock, as a means of communication, bridges the peoples in the office and leave work more efficient and can also be used for a variety of elections. Non-profit organizations can use the drop box to receive money and checks. It can be considered as a gift for children who have a saving plan.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The suggestion box is crafted of fairly solid steel metal and has a long service life. It has a pellucid, glossy exterior that provides genuine value to customers through improved scratch resistance and a strengthened cover. The donation and ballot box is rustproof and difficult to be damaged or break-in by illegal thieves.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Lock box is easily mounted on the wall or house with screws by hand and can also be placed on the office table, desk, etc.
  • COMBINATION LOCK: There is a user manual inside the package. The directions are easy to understand and the combination lock is easy to reset with your combination. Please note that keep the digit code in mind.
  • POCKET IN FRONT: There is a wide pocket in front of the donation box. People can insert the suggestion cards or other things in it.
  • WIDE SLOT: The slot is at the top so people can drop in the money but is small enough so they cannot shake it out. And people can slip the checks, suggestions, and receipts into the suggestion box for office through it.
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