Charity Box is Your Ambassador to the Public

Your Charity Box is Your Ambassador to the Public!

Your donation box is your ambassador to the public, so having a good looking donation box will capture the public's attention in a meaningful way to collect the most for your charity. No matter which donation container type you choose, it is imperative that your donation box is labeled clearly and attractively. Information such as the charity name, logo and a brief description of how donations will be used should be included on the donation box design and printing. Depending on the size and shape of your donation container, you might choose to create a promotional flyer on brightly color paper and insert it in the brochure holder if available. Donation boxes should be pre-printed and personalized with your design. According to Giving USA, Americans donate more than $300 billion to charities each year. To ensure your organization or cause benefits from this charitable giving, consider that your attractive donation box will definitely make a change in the income of your donations.

Images on a donation box can be powerful. The image can be made even more so by adding a caption. For example, a photo of a starving child can evoke sympathy. Adding a caption such as, "With your donation, he will have a meal tomorrow" can tug at the heartstrings. Always include some information on how the money will be used.

Donation container placement also plays a role in its fundraising success. When selecting locations to leave your donation containers, contact local merchants and ask if you can leave your container next to their cash register. Select high-traffic areas such as video stores, gas stations and pharmacies. Near cash registers are prime locations – a lot of people will drop in their loose change. In museums, parks, and zoos, donation boxes located near favorite displays will get results. Whenever possible use a secure rope to tie the charity box to the location.

To use your donation container to actively solicit donations, identify opportunities to collect money. Fundraising events, such as silent auctions and fashion shows, are prime opportunities to collect additional donations. Moreover, anytime your charity engages in an educational outreach, place your donation boxes alongside your informational brochures.

Keep these tips in mind and your donation boxes will fill up with generous contributions to help your organization’s fundraising efforts. Good luck!