Flat Tubular Coin Wrappers

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Flat Tubular Coin Wrappers

Heavy duty kraft paper wrappers that pop open for filling.

ABS color-coded kraft paper coin wrappers pop open with a squeeze to be filled with coins, by hand or machine. Flat Tubular Coin Wrappers are packed 1000 bulk wrappers per corrugated box.  A mixed pack of 150 tubular wrappers is also available.

    • ABA color-coded wrappers with six denominations available: pennies. nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars and dollars
    • Wrappers can be filled by hand or machine
    • Dimensions of Corrugated Box: 8W x 10L x 5D Inch
  • Color(s) Pennies –Red capacity $.50 Nickels-Blue capacity $2.00 Dimes-Green capacity $5.00 Quarters-Orange capacity $10.00 Half-Dollars-Sand capacity $10.00 Dollars- Gray capacity $25.00
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