The Ultimate Fundraising Webinar

The Ultimate Webinar for Fundraising Successfully

Are you wondering how you'll raise the funds for your organization this quarter? 
Do you wish you can turn your donors into repeat donors?

The "Ask Without Fear!" Master Class

Are you raising as much money as you'd like? Are you a bit nervous when writing a fundraising letter or talking to a prospect about a gift? You're in luck! Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman will show you how to Ask Without Fear®!

Join us on December 15 for a FREE introductory class where Marc will walk you through each of the 4-steps in the process.

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What you will learn in this FREE WEBINAR:


The simple 4-step process


An easy way to determine how much to ask donors for


Actual phrases that work in making the ask


What to do if people don't say "yes" right away

If you do nothing else, this one class will help you make this year-end giving season the best yet for your organization.